Fencing Systems

Create a safe space for your pets to play and explore with our advanced enclosure systems. Our underground and wireless enclosure systems offer the perfect balance of freedom and control. With adjustable stimulus levels and sound signals, you can keep your dog within desired boundaries while allowing them to safely enjoy their outdoor environment.

Training Systems

Achieve obedience and improve your pets’ behavior with our effective training systems. Whether you want to teach your dog to respond to command or correct unwanted behavior, our remote-controlled trainers offer different stimulation options, sound signals and vibrations to tailor training to your pet’s needs.

Bark control

Create a calm environment for yourself and your neighbors with our bark control systems. With smart technologies that recognize when your pet barks, our systems provide effective stimulation to reduce excessive barking. Our systems adapt to your pet’s behavior and provide a positive training experience.

Shutters for dog and cat

Give your pets the freedom to go in and out with our convenient shutters for dogs and cats. Designed to fit seamlessly into doors and walls, our shutters provide easy access to outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a simple cat flap or one with microchip identification, your pets can enjoy their independence.

Drinkwell Drinking Fountains

Make sure your pets always have access to fresh, clean water with our Drinkwell Drinking Fountains. Our fountains boost your pets’ hydration by providing a constant stream of flowing water. With replaceable filters, the water always stays fresh and tasty.