Let your dog enjoy pure chewing pleasure with our HABA’s collection of natural chewing snacks. Made with only natural ingredients, these snacks offer hours of chewing pleasure in a variety of sizes. Discover the benefits for your faithful companion’s teeth and well-being.


Discover our Bites line with dog snacks in different flavours of various animals. Give your dog a delicious reward that perfectly matches his taste preferences.

All Nature

Choose healthy and tasty snacks with HABA’s All Nature. 100% natural mono-proteins provide a tasty treat that is good for your dog’s health.


Offer your dog clean teeth and healthy gums with Tatanka chew bones. Made from 100% dried bovine subcutaneous connective tissue, with no additives.


Discover artisan Yeti dog snacks, made according to ancient recipes from the Himalayas. Give your dog pure and natural cheese legs with an authentic taste.